NGINX module 多线程/线程池 代码示例

Queuing a task to thread from http request handler ( or location directive handler)

typedef struct {

    ngx_http_request_t  *pHttpRequest;

} ngx_thread_ctx;

    static ngx_int_t ngx_http_rdm_agent_handler(ngx_http_request_t *r)
        ngx_thread_task_t    *task;
        ngx_thread_ctx *thread_ctx; // Thread context is my struct                                         
                                   // that has pointer to nginx_request_t struct
        thread_ctx = (ngx_thread_ctx*)(task->ctx);
        thread_ctx->pHttpRequest = r;

        task->handler = my_thread_callback;
        task->event.handler = my_thread_completion;
        task-> = thread_ctx;

        //*** This is the key part. Increment this so nginx
        //*** won't finalize request (r)

        // loc_cf -> location config struct where I added thread pool during 
        // configuration phase
        if (ngx_thread_task_post(loc_cf->pThreadPool, task) != NGX_OK) {
            return NGX_ERROR;

        return NGX_DONE;

Completion handler of your thread

static void my_thread_completion(ngx_event_t *ev) 
    ngx_thread_ctx *ctx = (ngx_thread_ctx*)ev->data;    


    ngx_http_finalize_request(ctx->pHttpRequest, NGX_DONE);

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